Crane Trucks Services in Sydney


Isuzu Crane Truck

Tray Width:

2.4 Metres

Tray Length:

8 Metres

Tray Max Payload:

12 Tonne

Crane Max Weight & Reach:

3.5 Tonne at 4 Metres
800kg at 15 Metres

Service Areas

We service the Sydney area to the following regions:

North Shore
Northern Beaches
Hills Districts
Inner West
NSW Country

Central Coast
Eastern Suburbs
South Sydney
Western Sydney

If you are after crane truck hire that does not fall within these regions, please call us to discuss your requirements. Dependant on pickup and delivery locations we can assess your job and see if we can meet your requirements.

Residential Crane Truck Hire

If you are after a crane truck for personal use within Sydney, we can cater to your specific lifting needs at very competitive rates. Our crane truck for hire is suitable for a range of uses, including:

  • Air conditioner lifting and  transportation
  • Scaffolding lift and transportation
  • Tree transportation and lifting
  • Generator transportation and lifting
  • Boat transportation and lifting
  • Boat engine lifting and transportation

No matter where you’re located across Sydney, if what you need isn’t listed above, you can get in touch with our team so we can discuss your specific requirements in detail and see if our crane truck for hire is a viable option for you.

Commercial Crane Truck Hire

We understand that crane truck hire for commercial use requires a safe, prompt and efficient service to keep projects running on schedule.

We are an experienced crane truck company, with knowledge across multiple key industries, meeting the needs of Sydney based construction companies as well as a variety of businesses such as landscapers, rail companies, boat owners, air conditioning specialists, civil and infrastructure projects and more.

If you need help transporting any of the items below, reach out to us so we can send our crane truck for hire in Sydney to your location:

  • Scaffolding lift and transportation
  • Construction equipment transportation and lifting
  • Air conditioner transportation and lifting
  • Generator transportation and lifting
  • Tree and sandbag transportation
  • Glass pane transportation and lifting
  • Timber transportation and lifting
  • Steel and steel beam transportation and lifting
  • Transportation of large signage and lifting
  • Machinery transportation and lifting
  • Container transportation and lifting
  • Site shed and portable building transportation and lifting
  • Boat engine transportation and lifting
  • Concrete barrier lift and transportation and lifting
  • Pallet transportation and lifting
  • General freight transportation and lifting

We guarantee a reliable crane truck service that meets your exact needs and expectations.

Why you should choose our crane trucks for hire in Sydney

North Shore Crane Trucks is the leading Hiab truck for hire contractor in the Sydney Metro and the greater Sydney region. Our Sydney crane trucks for hire have a maximum payload of 12 tonnes, allowing us to accommodate a wide range of lifting and transport needs. Here are some other factors that set our crane truck for hire services apart:

Regularly maintained Sydney crane trucks for hire

Aside from its impressive payload, our Hiab truck for hire is also regularly serviced and maintained. This commitment to standard protocols safeguards our truck’s optimal performance so we can efficiently meet the diverse lifting requirements of our customers.

Licensed and insured Hiab truck operator

Whether you need a crane truck with a driver in Sydney or a Hiab truck for hire for residential or commercial purposes, you’re guaranteed that our operator is fully licensed and insured. This ensures that regardless of whether you need to transport an HVAC air conditioner unit, machinery, site containers, scaffolding or other items, they will be delivered to their designated location safely and securely.

On time, every time

At North Shore Crane Trucks, we understand the importance of having your items picked up and delivered on schedule. That’s why you can rest assured that when you hire a crane truck in Sydney, it will arrive on time to lift or deliver the load efficiently.

About Us

An Australian family owned and operated business.

North Shore Crane Trucks offer crane truck hire to the Sydney Metro and greater Sydney region. We pride ourselves on offering a top quality, convenient, and competitive lifting and transportation service with a safety first approach.

We are an Australian family owned and operated business offering a personal service to both residential and commercial customers. Whether you are looking for a one off crane truck hire or ongoing crane truck services, we can cater to the specific requirements of your business.

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What are the typical uses of a crane truck?

Crane trucks for hire are commonly used to lift and transport heavy loads. Construction projects typically use these trucks to deliver and take away raw and scrap materials, site equipment, heavy machinery, timber, scaffolding, site containers, site sheds, boats and trees. Crane trucks for hire services can also extend to lifting or delivering HVAC air conditioner units to residential and commercial areas. 

What does "Hiab" stand for in crane trucks for hire?

“Hiab” is a brand name now synonymous with truck-mounted cranes. It’s derived from a Swedish brand acronym, “Hydrauliska Industri AB,” which translates to “Hydraulic Industries Inc.” in English. 

What size of crane truck will I need?

To know what crane truck size you need, you should measure the weight and dimensions of the load you intend to lift. Once you’ve listed down the measurements, it’s best to call North Shore Crane Trucks, a business that offers a reliable crane truck for hire service. Our team can help you determine the best Sydney crane truck to hire based on your lifting requirements.