Commercial Crane Truck Services

Reliable service with a strong importance placed on being on time, every time.

We understand the time constraints, budgets and various needs of businesses when it comes to finding transport and lifting providers for commercial purposes. We offer a reliable service with a strong importance placed on being on time, every time.

We are proudly Australian owned and we employ drivers that are experienced professionals with the knowledge and skill set to provide our renowned, quality service. We can support your lifting solutions.


Common Crane Truck Services Options

Scaffolding Lift & Transportation

We are very experienced in the lifting and transportation of scaffolding for residential and construction projects. Our truck is perfect for transporting your scaffolding between worksites or to new projects.

Construction Equipment Transportation

We offer transport solutions for construction equipment on building sites or from workshops. Construction site equipment, portable buildings to machinery we can handle your transport needs.

Air Conditioner Transportation

We specialise in the pickup, delivery, and placement of air conditioning units for both commercial and residential purposes.

Generator Transportation

We lift and transport commercial generators to from site to site around Sydney’s major projects.

Tree and Sand Transportation

We transport trees or sand for your landscaping projects. We also lift trees into pots where needed.

Glass Transportation

Given the fragile nature of glass, special care needs to be taken when transporting it between locations. Our crane truck operator has the necessary experience to transport your glass safely, keeping it in perfect condition.

Timber Transportation

We can deliver timber in lengths up to 8 metres. With a 12 tonne payload limit, we have your timber transport needs covered.

Steel & Steel Beam Transportation

Our 12 tonne payload limit allows us to deliver large orders of steel to your worksite hassle free. With a tray length of 8 metres, our crane truck can handle almost any job.

Transportation of Large Signage

If you have large and cumbersome signage that needs to be delivered, we understand that it needs to arrive without scuffs or marks. Our crane truck operator will take every necessary step to ensure your signage arrives in perfect condition and will lift your signage into position as required.

Machinery Transportation

From factory relocations, and we can handle the transportation of almost any type of machinery.

Container Transportation

From small site containers to 20 foot shipping containers, we can pick up, transport and deliver containers.

Site Shed & Portable Building Transportation

We are specialists when it comes to moving site sheds and portable buildings between constructions sites. Our crane trucks make loading and unloading a breeze.

Boat Engine Transportation

If you are have a boat and wanting to lift your boat engine out, we have experience in this area.

Concrete Barrier Lift & Transportation

We can lift and move your concrete barriers from the warehouse to your project site or at a project site around the one site,  hassle free with one of our crane trucks. With a 8 metre truck tray and 12 tonne payload we can deliver many barriers in a single trip.

Pallet Transportation

We frequently transport goods that are packaged on pallets for customers throughout Sydney. Speak directly with our team or make an enquiry online for a quick and easy pallet delivery service.

General Freight Transportation

Is your delivery type not listed above? Not to worry, we can deliver almost anything! Simply give us a call to discuss your crane truck needs.


Hear from our happy customers

Our driver helped move some very tricky, heavy and expensive bakery equipment. Our driver was extremely professional, attentive and took great care. I would have no hesitation in recommending the team at North Shore Crane Trucks. Thanks!

I used North Shore Crane Trucks to help complete a corporate volunteering project - after building a 400kg cubby house onsite and then needing to transport it to the charity. Our driver and his team were absolutely amazing with this tricky move. Did a site inspection before hand, arrived on time, were complete professionals during the move and craned it safely to its final resting spot on a windy day. I highly recommend them.

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